List of Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki

List of Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki

List of Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki

List Of Best Restaurants Thessaloniki, Greece

When you travel to Greece, we know you must have included Thessaloniki in your list of cities you want to visit. If you haven’t considered it, don’t forget to do it because you will find the best nightlife, beaches, architecture, and culture in Thessaloniki. Moreover, there are exotic, local, and urban restaurants serving delicious food for you. Thessaloniki is also filled with Greece vacation rentals at affordable prices where you can stay with your family and loved ones. If you visit Thessaloniki, you are not going to regret it. It is one place in Greece where you will find activities for all types of travelers, sea lovers, party lovers, architecture lovers, etc.

Thessaloniki people love good food and having fun with their close ones. If you visit Greece, Greek taverns are one thing you should not miss. Thessaloniki is also a  host to many of these Greek taverns that satisfy the taste buds of different tourists from all around the world as well as the locals.

Don’t worry, you will find all kinds of restaurants and taverns in Thessaloniki. There are bars, live music restaurants, pubs, fine dines, local eateries small shops, and many more categories of food eateries that you will enjoy when you visit Thessaloniki.

We have curated a meticulous list of some of the favorite places of the locals of Thessaloniki. If you plan to visit Thessaloniki, don’t miss out on these.

1. Tiho-Tiho

Located in Polydorou Street in The upper town, this tavern means “the wall” literally. It is a restaurant located near the Byzantine city walls, and thus the name. It is a reasonably priced place with a variety of flavors for your taste buds. You can try the burger studied with Graviera cheese on Mondays or a fresh salad with Cretan Myzithra on Wednesdays. It also serves its famous bacon and tyrokafteri sauce which is a traditional Greek cheesy sauce. The dishes at this restaurant are served with local ingredients and made with original customs but with some contemporary twists. People of all ages can enjoy meals here. Every dish here is accompanied by a swift twist which adds flavor. moreover, you can witness the exotic city views with a glass of wine in Tiho Tiho to culminate your Greek dining experience.

2. Massalia

Massalia is named after a French city. It is located in Manousogiannaki and Filikis Etairias street. It was originally located a few hours away from where it is now, and the owners decided to relocate it in 2014. It is one of the most favorite places for Thessaloniki local people. The meat and fish dishes here are lip-smacking. Along with that, it has a variety of vegan options also with fresh seasonal vegetables and ingredients. If you want a traditional dining experience In Greece, this is the place to go.

3. Miami

If you love fish and seafood, Miami is the best place to visit in the city. It is located on the coastline of Kalamaria, and you can have delicious seafood dishes with a marvelous sea view of the Thermaic gulf here. The meticulously curated wine list adds to the flavor of this place. The fish served at this place comes directly from the fish auction of Michaniona, a market which is located 30 km away from the city. If you want to witness the exotic seafood of Greece, this is the best place to visit on your trip.

4. Ouzou Melathron

Located in the Karipi Street of Ladadika, this Is one of the liveliest places in the city. A perfect place for young adults, the restaurant hosts beautiful decorations, a lively atmosphere, and decorated drawing walls. The menu of this place offers different traditional Greek dishes. There are grilled meat options, salads, and some marvelous Greek wines ready to be served for you here.

5. Aioli

Another seafood beauty in the city, this restaurant serves dishes with a gourmet twist. Not a single dish presented here is typical in its taste, style, or presentation. All the dishes come with a twist and satisfy your taste buds. You can enjoy the sunset over the Thermaic gulf while savoring yourself with the delicious twisted dishes here. The relaxing environment of this place is something locals and tourists crave after having a hectic sightseeing or working day.

6. Mia Feta

This restaurant is located in Pavlou Mela street. You must have heard of the famous Greek feta cheese. This place is dedicated to this cheese. This bar offers a variety of feta cheese and also has a deli store from where you can purchase your favorite dairy. You can visit here in the morning for a fresh Greek yogurt breakfast with tasty fruits.

No matter what type of an eater you are, you will also find a worthy restaurant in Thessaloniki waiting for you to visit. It is a great city which accommodates all kinds of travelers. If you want to know more about the house for rent Thessaloniki, you can visit the property listings at vacation saga and chose your favorite place here. 

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