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Planning to travel during COVID-19? Here is what you need to know

Traveling is the essence of entertainment. However, global pandemic can leave you awestruck in no time. It is always requested to avoid moving anywhere because home is the place that keeps you safe during these tough times. Somehow, if you have to move out because of any reason,

please follow the safety tips from vacation Saga - 

-Carry a sanitizer in the form of spray so that you can disinfect the entire body and not just the hands.

-Avoid touching nose and mouth because the virus travels through them.

-Take a bath the moment you come from outside -Avoid touching door handles and things that have been touched by anybody else.

-Always disinfect first and then touch anything that is publicly operated.

-Avoid making cash payments and visiting ATMs, go digital

-Try to cook for yourself and avoid having anything from restaurants

-Say no to handshakes and yes to namaste

-Avoid using public toilets because they are heavily loaded with germs and Virus Gargle With warm water often -Sanitize most of the things under the Sun including your clothes.

-Sanitize all the clothes under the sun after reaching home it is not possible to wash them.

-Keep a check of your body temperature

-Drink warm fluids several times in a day -Always wear gloves and dispose of them the moment you reach home

-Carry a bunch of toothpicks for operating ATM buttons, lift and rest of all the publicly operated things. Lastly, avoid traveling if possible!! The Vacation Saga wants you to stay safe.

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